Binance Dex competition

(Ant0ni081) #1

Hey guys, just wondered peoples thoughts about Binance’s up coming attempts at a Dex.
I’ve just watched this heads up on a few issues that they may have and if any of its true then Nash may get handed a loooooot of people coming from the binance crowd in the future if Binances efforts dont go the way they are hoping.
Nash even get a little shout out at the end :smiley:

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(.) #2

it looks like Binance are happy to admit that they have not built a real Dex =>

(Hatertots) #3

Yet they still call it “Binance Dex” smh…

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(Robert Alexander) #4

This tweet cz made is CRITICAL. The desgin philosophy of Nash and Binance’s DEX are completely different. If you watch or talk to any Nash member, you can tell that the UI and ease-of-use is extremely important. It seems like Binance is aiming for the experienced side that already have used Binance’s centralized exchange already. Nash has the benefits of a DEX but doesn’t hassle the user with unneeded complexity.
From the few photos of Nash’s platform, I think it will be the best of both worlds; drawing attention from veterans but also new userbase first getting into crypto.

(Mao Mao) #5

i think he should never call it a DEX if it isnt going to be one… he admits openly that its not suppose to be a DEX. if its so, he is lying from the start that “it is a DEX”.

(Dead Pool 56) #6

Binance DEX in my view is similar to the other DEXs around like Switcheo, IDEX etc. For someone to use those DEXs, they have to have some technical knowledge. So yes, you are right. There is a difference in the focus of the those Dexs compared to Nash. I like the competition though.

(Jordan) #7

It would be nice to believe that CZ is worried about Nash… it may be on his radar but he currently holds the No.1 spot and Nash has not launched as of yet. Binance is still going to be the “go to” exchange for the moment ( unfortunately ).

Note: This is not meant to sound critical of Nash, the team are fantastic, everything they are doing looks spot on. I’m a long time lurker on this forum but first time poster ( hey :smile: ). Like most of us, I’m in here since the ICO.

(Mao Mao) #8

its too early to say imo… im sure once this crypto space matures, ALL exchanges needs to be regulated in a way.

Even if the exchanges insists on not being compliant, the laws may force users to be compliant and go to regulated exchanges to trade. which then forcing the leftover exchanges to go for compliance.

So, nash being early regulated and compliant to all the laws to go far in their vision and mission has made nash investors far more confident than those people who hold tokens that are not regulated at all. the exchanges that skip regulation now may face regulation issues in the future, which can affect the token price drastically.

One example is IDEX that needed to be regulated due to regulator intervention with KYC in a few more months to go.