Binance copying at it again

(Hatertots) #1

Binance created a community just like this one for their “Dex”. If you look at it, it is super similar to Nash’s. Can’t wait to launch this exchange so we can crush those who try to replicate this beauty.

(Mao Mao) #2

i have always feel that nash will lead the other exchanges to the world of Decentralization. Now, the competitor following nash’s moves already shows us that competitors already feel threatened of their big portion of market share being taken away by nash. I would say anyone can copy the moves of nash, but they can never be completely the same as nash. Because the heart of nash is customer’s security and user experience priority first.

Edit: this platform is a free open source that anyone can create for their own project. i forgot the link to it…i think someone shared to me before here.

(Olu ) #3

Binance’s shameless copying is a major sales pitch for Nash. People are beginning to see a pattern of desperation and a total lack of originality on the part of Binance.

It only gets worse for BInance because, by copying, they are acknowledging that Nash is a worthy competitor and Nash being the “newbie” gets new exposure.

Binance is so threatened, it is launching a jury-rig DEX to compete with its existing centralized exchange. Binance is also in a hurry and cutting corners. Not very good.

I am so happy with the thought that has gone into conceiving and creating Nash. Looking forward to March 31st :slightly_smiling_face:

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(Vt) #4

Yeah, both communities use as their software

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(Sean D) #5

You have to love it when a Market leader follows Nash example of how to properly run a community forum.
I never did like the communication on telegram channels, its always the same questions being repeated over and over as everything is lost among the thousands of messages as people are too lazy to use search functions.

I love how nash did things professionally and created this community forum and its not surprising to see Binance follow suit. I’m sure it wont be the last thing they copy from nash, i only hope that people wake up and support an exchange with innovation that pays token holders to use its product vs lining CZ pockets.

(Bunder) #6

Don’t sign up, to allllll of you!!