Biggest news re-brand or approval trading US markets?

I see everybody talking about the re-brand, if the logo good or not, if the name looks too much like Dash, if NEX was better, etc…

but to my opinion, the news about regulatory approval to begin trading in US markets is much bigger than the re-brand. What do you guys think of this?

@ethan is it possible to provide the community some proof of this approval? Of course we believe, but to the big bad world out there showing some proof would be good.


Absolutely agreed with you. The US license is a big deal. If I understand correctly the Fiat gateway would be USD whereby Binance only able to announce Euro and Pounds.

I wonder which state has authorized them to trade in US?

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Yeah, really good news. Also that US holders of NEX will be able to stake their tokens is great to know

For me the biggest news was our demonstration that ME is basically doing integration with blockchain systems now and that ETH and NEO contracts are finalized (this means: engineering, security review and testing - I have show testing passing on the event).

Regarding proof of US trading green light: I will coordinate with Fabian for DevCon presentation what we can display.


@canesin about which concretely states in the U.S. you talked?

Has the proof of US trading yet been published?