Big benefits with Small efforts

One detailed video (with time stamps) on what is available and where all of that is located.


Please @canesin :flushed:



Great suggestion! Instead of a video we are looking at alternatives that will allow us to update more easily over time


Being in front of the camera, not behind it while talking about Nash, will increase trust, and is going to be more engaging!

One livestream of 30 min a week with @canesin or other members of the team, has the potential to clear out most of the important community questions ( in front of the camera) that will most definitely inspire more trust from new/existing users.
It also could be a great way of detaching Nash from being associated with NEO’s shady/mysterious reputation.( probably overthinking with NEO part, it feels right at the moment)

Thank you :handshake:

Could you please implement expressions like this: ( I wholeheartedly believe that it will be beneficial for Nash )

  • Would be great if you can share your issues with support team. Thank you.

  • Please send a message to support for farther assistance. Thank you.

  • Please take a minute, and share your issue with support. Your feedback is important for us. Thank you.

Expressions like this will make a big difference. We are all somehow striving to be a part of something, to be useful and appreciated. ( I can feel the respect toward the user in email reply, and would love to see it implemented in every social media reply too :hugs: )

If you decide to implement expressions above mentioned, I believe that people will start feeling love toward Nash, and we will just be more supportive and understanding. Because your reply is just loving and appreciative toward the us ( the user ). Thank you.

@Kellogg @canesin @chris.fenwick @clare

What do you think?
We as community can get better in customer relationships if we share how would we love to be treated.
Thank you :wink:

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Hi Radu,

Your enthusiasm and dedication to Nash is always appreciated. However I am not sure tagging half the team is a good idea. I think a better overall process is discussing ideas between community members and if ideas appear to converge on a point the team should be aware of, then we can let them know. Of course if Nash team wants to jump in, they’re obviously welcome to do so at any time!

Coming back to your idea, I am not sure I understand what you mean: you mention the automatic email replies (Zendesk) and think this should be ported to other social media as well. How so? How would you apply this on Twitter, Telegram, Youtube, Instagram, etc?

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The real human interaction:

The feelings are different for examples presented :point_up_2:

I consider wording to be of crucial importance, and it could be improved with no additional cost.

I tag the team with hope that something that is very important for one member of community, will hopefully be taken in consideration.

The words used are so important. True believers will be attracted to Nash ( simple people that crave to be a part of something great (me)).
Words like::point_down:

  • Your feedback is important for us.
  • Thank you for taking the time.
  • We appreciate your contribution.
  • Your feedback is welcome anytime.
  • We are here to help.
  • Thank you for joining Nash.

  • No direct accusations, No hard language, No assumptions. Just genuine interest to make a difference for every user.
    Make users feel of top priority. Dedication in every message that shows that users are accepted the way they are, genuinely respected, valued, recognized… ( in a genuine way )
    All of the FUD should be seen as a cry for help from users that don’t have the clear answers. Should be treated with care and respect. I heard stories where the biggest enemy if treated with respect and understanding, can be turned into your most trusted friends.

I just feel that we can greatly improve in communication with users.

What do you think?
Thank you :handshake:

It cannot work like this: the whole team can’t be asked to unfocus for every issue/frustration each individual has. For instance, your point - which makes more sense now - is not actionable for the people you tagged. If anything, it would be a valid reminder to the support team, but I have a better idea. Let me come back to you here in a few days :pray:

I see what you mean, and I agree. Who do you think is the right person to tag? ( I tagged people that I think that they can make a difference)

Still I believe that this is something that everyone should know, even supporters. Just because we are all interested.
One more thing :wink:: if we are going to have more supporters to be supportive and welcoming in their language, it will make a big difference.
Smart in combination with willingness to serve = SUCCESS

We should encourage people to ask questions, to feel ok no matter how silly the question is. Show to every newcomer that we are here to serve.
We want people to come and stay, we just need to show them that we care. ( genuinely care )
Fabio ones said that if we want mass adoption, we should avoid hard technicals. It should be simple or otherwise people will feel bad about them and they will leave. ( the message is like this, not the actual words )

Ray Dalio’s said that his biggest gift that he could share with people, is meditation. Meditation helped him to keep calm, and make the best possible decisions with the information available at the moment.

To simplify the message: Just go in the closet, close the door, close your eyes :eyes:, eliminate any distractions & observe your thoughts. The purpose is to slow down the noise in your head, so you can be present/aware of your thoughts and information available to make the best possible decision.

In case you are not familiar with Ray Dalio :point_down:

This is nothing less then an extraordinary advice from an extraordinary person.
Thank you for reading :open_book: :handshake: