Beyond the Chain

Hey, I noticed there hasn’t been a new podcast episode since 12/10. Used to be every two weeks. Is it on pause for a while, or?

Probably just waiting for new developments and focusing on other priorities in the meantime. Understandable. Just wondering if I missed any post or news about this?


As far as I am aware, there has been no forum post or blog post stating the podcast is on break, however, I do briefly remember reading in Telegram that Season 1 of the podcast has ended and no concrete info has yet been released about an upcoming season 2.

I am a fan of Beyond the Chain so hopefully it does come back.

That being said, I believe the team has plenty on their hands right now and are very busy!
I’d like to think we will get a season 2 at some point in the future once the dust settles a little bit from the start of the year! :slight_smile:

The team will probably address this in due time :slight_smile:

Until then, lets rock season 2 of the trading competion!
1 hour to kick off! :sunglasses: