Beyond options, futures and leverage. Melon Protocol a Hedge Fund marketplace

Nash’s next big move will be options, futures and leverage which judging by the success of these products on other platforms in the space is the correct choice. A future in which users can earn through, staking, lending, borrowing, trading and hedging through futures effectively combining Coinbase with FTX and services like BlockFi & Nexo is exciting. I look forward to staking Nex, receiving Bitcoin and earning interest on that Bitcoin through lending on Nash.

Recently I rediscovered Melon Protocol when I first read about Melon I wasn’t particularly inspired by what they were doing as the protocol was still in it’s infancy and Maker, Dai and DeFi were yet to become a thing. However revisiting Melon I realised there’s an opportunity here for Nash. Melon is significantly lowering the barrier to entry for Hedge fund creation by reducing the cost and regulatory burden for creating a Fund. Currently Melon is limited to the Ethereum ecosystem, herein lies the opportunity for Nash as Nash is the first cross-chain platform it’s possible for Nash to build a portal similar to Melon whereby users can create their own Fund and list it in a Fund marketplace on Nash.

Possible future order of disruption;

Coinbase, Binance, FTX & Bitmex, Stripe & PayPal, NYSE & NASDAQ, BlackRock & Citadel

Fund Management, Crypto-trading, Crypto Derivatives trading, Payments, Securities Trading, Hedge Fund + Fund Marketplace.

Nash Fund Management, Nash Exchange, Nash Futures, NashPay, Nash exchange securities trading licence, Nash Melon-like hedge-fund portal and marketplace.

Not sure if building a propriety solution or partnership/protocol integration is the best way to approach this, just more thinking out load and pontificating about the distant future.