Best back in Scotland

Just moved in the UK, more precisely in Glasgow, and I need to open a bank account. Which bank would you recommend for buying on Nash cash for no fee?


Hey welcome! I live about 30 mins away from Glasgow it’s a great city. I’m with Bank of Scotland and they have been pretty Crypto friendly so far. No fee’s for sending Euros so Nash Cash is free, my payment did take about a week to process though which support said is longer than usual. I don’t know if that’s an outlier or that’s the standard time to process an international payment although the bank only quoted 1-2 business days so I’m not sure, I’ll need to try another one.


Thanks! As long as there are no fees, it’s fine with me, even if I have to wait a bit more.

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Welcome! I’m over in Edinburgh! I’m with Nationwide and it’s all very simple, there’s a branch on Argyll Street

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Have you used Nash Cash yet? If so what kinda times are you waiting with Nationwide? Bank of Scotland says that sending Euros to Switzerland should be no later than the next business day but it’s taking about a week for me.