Benefits of Nash Link in the customer's perspective


I was looking into the benefits of using Nash Link. The benefits on the merchant’s side are very clear: 0% fees, easy to integrate, no risks, receive the exact amount in fiat currency. It seems to me that there are also benefits of using Nash Link on the customer’s side. To dig a bit deeper in the benefits for the customers, I compared Nash Link with Bitpay and found the following benefits:

  • The quotes you receive on both payment processors. I checked the euro quote for bitcoin on both Nash Link and Bitpay at the same time.
    Nash Link: 15,765.41
    Bitpay: 15,634.85
    Better quote on Nash Link.

  • On Bitpay, there is a 1% merchant fee. Whether this matters for the customer depends on the merchant since the merchant can decide to pass the fee to the customer or not. Nash has 0% merchant fee, so merchants have no fee they could potentially pass to the customer.
    Either similar or better on Nash Link (depends on merchant in case of Bitpay)

  • On Bitpay the customer has to pay an UTXO sweep fee. The customer has to pay a fee such that Bitpay can pay network fees for collecting the bitcoin from the invoice addresses. This fee depends on the current bitcoin network transaction fees. Nash doesn’t seem to charge this fee on customers.
    In favor of Nash Link

In the future Nash Link could have the extra benefit of preventing the network fees customers face of transfering on L1. Currently customers face this fee on both Nash Link and Bitpay. When Nash Link gets connected to Nash’s L2 system, customers can prevent this fee with Nash Link.

So to conclude, not only merchants benefit from Nash Link, customers also do.

Is there anything I am missing in this comparison between Nash Link and Bitpay in the customer’s perspective? Is it correct that Nash Link doesn’t charge an UTXO sweep fee?


There should be something that will bring some profit :thinking:

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Are you asking how Nash Link brings a profit? Watch the Nash Link demo that Neo News Today posted on their youtube channel.