Behind the Curve with the latest Changes in Finances?

At the time of typing this words BTC markets still yet not in NASH GA as we all would love to see them.
These BTC markets should have been added days ago… hoping that wont take much longer for them to be on site so we can move towards Marketing and getting some traction as an Exchange.
But the reason of my typing today isnt really BTC markets (although essentials if we really want to became An Exchange) but the speed on which the Economy (worldwide) is shifting. Seems to be that the Digital Dollar is a reality coming to place as well as the creation (and Launch) of a new SWIFT System too called SWIFT gpi.
I wonder where NASH stands in all this.
Are you guys planning on take advantage of these Changes in the US dollar and getting ahead the Curve as we are Compliance?
Where is the Marketing on NASH focus on? Are there any alliances on the way? How are we gonna navigate the extremely competitive World of Exchanges? How is NASH planning to seduce new Users? The best product in the World is useless if nobody knows it (nobody uses it).
Could NASH be Promoted as one of the few Law Compliance (among other things) Exchanges (certainly the Safest one!). Why are we sitting and hiding in the Dark still?
NOBODY knows Nash. So nobody will use us. A twitter here and there wont do the Job. We all know that.
I have been a long supporter and promoter of NASH.
Feeling lately that NASH is taking things too slow. I understand that BTC pairs had been the priority (among others… I know) but whats the Point of having a Product that Nobody knows? We are law compliance… but…why paying “the price” of this Compliance which slows us into so many regulations while so many others exchanges (CEX) they are laughing at the Law and getting away with that?
If the SEC were actually doing it job I would find essential our Compliance status but is that really the Case? How can we change that? How can we “help” the SEC into doing its Job?
Im just a NASH Holder speaking out the concerns of many.



A good reason is: tax evasion, trading without licenses etc. pp are crimes that do not expire.
For example: every transaction over $ 10,000 / € (cash / itmes / whatever) must be recorded with personal details (both parties). as a citizen in the usa or eu there can still be very bad things to come. it doesn’t matter where the stock exchange is located. if you are at home in the respective countries you can still be held liable after years.
and the interest is due retrospectively to this day.
the transactions on eth, neo, btc are for everyone traceable forever
do not think that the strange exchanges are liable in any way when you receive the letters.

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Whats the point in advertising an empty shoe box? Wouldnt you be disapointed if you got the box and looked in it to not find a pair of shoes?

It is pointless at this time making everybody aware of us. When the product is ready then its time.

Soon as BTC is added and working then everything else will be a doddle ;). We are very close now.


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Im with you there.

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