Become a Nash currency partner

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@carla the Nash logo is not showed properly on the form…


“We are already working with partners in the United States of America, European Union and Brazil”


I tried to replicate the error, but I couldn’t. Does it still look wrong to you?

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Yes, still looks the same to me, I’m using the Google Chrome browser, zoom is set at 100%, if I zoom to 110% the logo appears to be where it should be…

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@carla There is a small typo in the token listing form. Check and rectify it please


@carla Additionally, in that sentence, it should be - Have your token “been” delisted.


Not sure how we as a community can help in this regard? But i hope nash can penetrate into APAC market too

If someone can enlighten how we as a community could help in this fiat partners to engage with nash… please share!:laughing: would love to help but not sure how.

Isn’t it Has in this context?

Should be “Have”.

nash can work with xfers.

It is a,

Fintech Platform for Digital Businesses

Xfers Wallet gets MAS approval for Widely Accepted Stored Value Facility

MAS is the central bank of Singapore. Our mission is to promote sustained non- inflationary economic growth, and a sound and progressive financial centre.

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