Augur Market

(EC) #1

Following on from @hypotheticalidentity’s thread on volume, I thought it would be interesting to create an Augur market on this. This is mainly just a bit of fun for the pessimists, optimists and everyone in between. Despite the lighthearted and low stakes nature of this, it’s probably wise to make sure the terms are clearly defined so I’ve written a few things down. Any suggestions/improvements welcome.

What will the monthly exchange volume on Nash be 1 month after launch?

<$5M, $5-50M, $51-100M, $101-500M, >$500M

Additional details
This value is total monthly exchange volume in USD equivalent and is calculated exactly 1 month after exchange launch.
“Exchange launch” will be defined as the time and date when the first trade is executed.
“USD equivalent” will be calculated as the sum of individual USD values of all tokens in the fee pool at the time of expiry.
USD values of individual tokens will be calculated as the number of tokens in the fee pool multiplied by the last traded price of the respective tokens at the end of the 1 month period.
“Last traded price” is defined as the 1 minute candle close on the Nash exchange at the end of the 1 month period.
“1 month” will be deemed to have elapsed exactly 720 hours (30 x 24 hour periods) after “exchange launch”.
USD equivalent value will be rounded to the nearest million. E.g. a volume of $100.4M will be rounded down to $100M and therefore fall within the $51-100M bound.

Resolution source
Undefined. Where can one get publicly available info on volume after launch?

Designated reporter

Expiration date&time
To be determined once exchange launch date announced (something like exchange launch date + 720 hours + 72 hours)

Market creator fee

Market liquidity
TBD based on interest

(EC) #2

Sidenote: imagine how sweet it will be when one is able to bet on Augur using the Nash extension, funding their wallet with REP/ETH purchased directly with a debit card in a few clicks.