Atomic Swap feature

Does anybody know if there are any plans for adding an Atomic Swap feature to Nash?

I see this as the most basic and simplest version of an exchange and I would love to have a feature to simple swap my GAS to NEO or when Ontology will be supported ONG to ONT. Currently for Ontology I have to transfer the ONG tokens to Bibox, trade them for BTC, then for ONT and transfer those back to my Ledger.

An Atomic Swap feature will make this a lot easier and I won’t have to pay the fees to transfer the tokens.

@Crome we don’t need atomic swap (as commonly known) because our system is already cross-chain. =) … that said there is a bit of confusion, you mean to have specific pairs, we will actually be able to offer in a few months any supported token to any other supported one. Using a specific type of conditional matching. Unfortunately this has not pass the MVP cut, but is on the roadmap and will come to the trading team backlog after release.


Thank you for the quick response. Good to hear :+1:

Sooo… MVP < few months? :thinking:

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ready when ready

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