Assume personal error

I assume my personal error, this is because.

I have criticized the team several times here in the community, but I always defended Nash everywhere, I will not lie, I was very upset about the delay, however a few hours ago I could understand the problem of the information that is reflected in the blockchain and the importance of everything as it should be.

Nash needs tools that in some cases do not exist as native to each blockchain in order to function and for example show correct balances.

We are facing a product and service that does not exist in the market.

Launching Nash is not like launching any exchange in which you take the user’s coins to your wallets and if there is a problem you put it in maintenance and the problem is over.

I certainly admire the challenge they have taken, I am sure that many would like to do something like that but they are aware of the responsibility of creating an exchange like Nash.

We will wait without dates, without pressures, I do not like the phrase that is when it has to be, but we must think that Nash is everything that another exchange is not, it totally changes the paradigm of exchanging digital assets not only in the crypto world, in everything the areas where values ​​are exchanged.

Successful Nash team!


It works. That’s the level of the forum. One may also criticize only with a certain level.

And not like here

Keep it up :ok_hand::sunglasses:


How should I understand that? :thinking:

Hello brother of nash since we are all a family here, I totally agree with you in every word you say, both the product and the team know all that they are the best of the best, as we say there, "THE GOOD IS MADE EXPECTED "