Asking for help with shutting Authentocator off/ pc specs? And Frusty the snowman wishing you a nice Christmas

So… just wondering if I will get banned here for questions too, since I have no clue why the heck I was blocked from the Twitter of NashSocial…you know…that unblockable dex …that has a centralized newshub… I am still going to ask it here:

Does anybody else have problems with charts loading slow or not at all?
And does anybody know how to shut down this auto-log out on the exchange when refreshing the page when it is not refreshing itself and gives outdated information? It is really frustrating having to put in the authenticator code every step you take.

I noticed when running Nash Exchange my computer has a hart time. I have a Rizen 7 3700u with vega 11 and 16gb ram. Which suffices most of the time and usually has no problem with exchanges, but when I am running Nash and look at the task app it often peaks and Chrome pick Nash out as high memory use and makes my laptop sound like it’s taking off. Anybody know how to optimize Nash OR my laptop? And on that note…What type of laptop / processor /gpu is better for using exchanges? I have been trying out with GPU’s all the time bcause I thought it had to do with graphics, but now I am leaning more to a higher Inter like a I5 12th gen then going for a rizen 9 with vega.

1 Last thing: Does anyone esle have this notivication from “Wen” eeeevery time you log in saying “Your account is now active”?

Cheers and best wishes to all…even the one behind the wheel on Twitter banning people that put free time and effort to giving feedback and testing, being on meet ups and participating in liquidity , contests…getting 1300 referrals and what not…Even that person I wish light in these dark supressing times.

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Hi Blondie,

I don’t think your computer is the problem. Nash yesterday released a Frontend improvement which removes most of the lags we were experiencing till then: it was due mostly to the tooltip that shows the averaged sum of the order book which triggered a re-render of it every time you hovered it.

Despite the recent fix, the “Recent trades” section appears to freeze after some time. I don’t think this is fixed yet, but Nash team is fully aware of it. What’s unfortunate is that in order to make it up-to-date, you tend to refresh the page, which locks your session and you need to input your password + 2FA to unlock it. There is no way to prevent this right now, but there’s hope! MPC tech has been applied to the web (and mobile) app and I believe it is now only a matter of time before this “Unlock my session” constraint is removed thanks to it.

Yes, it’s a known bug, but I’d rather have Nash team working on the exchange than on fixing this. Pro tip: just visit the forum every day, you won’t have to log in again as often :wink:

Thanks for your contributions, much appreciated :pray:


Hi…Thanks for clarifying these points for me! Nice to know my laptop is sufficient bcause it took me a while to find one 1 like .

Thanks again and have a nice christmas


Those performance issues triggered past week on the frontend should be fixed by the engineering team, please contact if that is not the case.

I also have request open but it takes a lot of time to resolve and still waiting, could you hurry this process maybe? Thanks