Are we early wrong or absolutely wrong? Community sentiment, NEX price and staking rewards

It’s clear reading through Nash’s social media channels that a large percentage of the community is frustrated with the lack of volume and price action.

As an early investor it’s also clear that I’ve been wrong up until this point, I expected more adoption, more pairs, more volume, more advertising, more hype and most importantly more staking rewards by now. Fortunately I can afford to be early wrong and hopefully I’m not absolutely wrong. Here’s Brent Johnson on the difference between being early wrong and absolutely wrong; (timestamp 20:12)

In BTC terms I’m down 75% on my NEX investment, I’m also down ~60% in dollar terms and based on opportunity cost I’m probably down something like 1000%. I’m still a believer in Nash’s vision & ethos and have no plans on making changes to my staking strategy or selling. I’ve allocated large enough portions of my portfolio to Bitcoin and other crypto’s so I’ll live to invest another day, hopefully the rest of the community can say the same.


I agree that sentiment seems to be a little low on the social media front! :sweat_smile:

So much so, that I am surprised by it… :thinking:
I am looking forward to hearing how Nash responds!

I have not lost an ounce of confidence in Nash, I still believe Nash will be HUGE!

However, I am envious that I didn’t time the market better and sink my original capital into Synthetix, move my profits into Aave then again into Yearn-Finance!
To then just jump into Nash now!!
(note… No one times it that well!)

Nash is only just getting started guys!
I still fully believe they are the right horse to back for the long game! :slight_smile:


It’s really, really easy to criticize and complain when you feel like you’re on the sidelines while all the fun is happening on the field. I think what people often fail to accomplish is long-term thinking.

I don’t think this DeFi craze is permanent. I don’t think this is the “millennial’s gold rush”. It’s just another stop, another sight to see, on the way to achieving Nash’s eventual vision. Of course it would be great to capitalize on current events if it fits with compliance, but I don’t think missing this wave will make or break the company. The single biggest factor preventing people from investing intelligently are their own emotions. Now is a time where we are seeing who controls their emotions, and who is controlled by their emotions.

Obviously, you have to remain critical of your investments. Don’t shut your eyes, cover your ears, blot out the world, and assume you’re in control. Stay alert and perceptive, analyze information as it comes to you, and figure out if the investment still makes sense – as emotionless as possible.

  • Nash was one of the first companies in the world (if not the first) to issue a digital security. If you’re here because you think the world is moving towards cryptocompliance, you should be happy.
  • Their technology outpaces the competition. As of yet, it seems as though retailers haven’t taken notice. Unfortunate, but as long as Nash stays ahead of the curve in this area I’m happy. It’s only a matter of time. All that being said – who’s to say institutions haven’t taken notice? I’m really excited to see who, if anyone, has jumped on board for Nash Pay.
  • Their current focus on market fit is a good sign. This is how companies remain relevant long-term. Consider the example in the most recent Beyond the Chain episode Jeff provided us with. The classic example taught in school for market fit is Dropbox. They were struggling, pretty much nonexistent for several years, until they found their fit and exploded in growth.

All that said, obviously I’m not without my own doubts:

  • OpEx runway. How long can Nash ‘remain on the sidelines’ until they run out of money. I would imagine it’s harder to raise money when you don’t have much progress to show for it, in terms of adoption. Compliance and tech might not be enough to sell your company to prospective investors.
  • Regulators. They are certainly taking their sweet time. What’s going on? I don’t like the “it’s summer – vacation time” argument, but I might have to settle with it. These delays directly impact Nash’s OpEx runway. I hope Nash took these delays into account when constructing their roadmap and budget. (ps wen canada :stuck_out_tongue:)

Anyways. I get it. Everyone is having fun in the McDonald’s jungle gym and Nash’s mom is forcing it to sit still and watch. It’s only a matter of time though until little Billy goes face-first down the slide and breaks his nose on the ground, spurring an investigation by Health and Safety and the eventual deconstruction of the playground.

Just try your best to focus on the fundamentals, and not the noise.


Comparing with my own other positions, I consider my investment in Nash to be a substantial part of my portfolio (although small compared with your typical crypto degenerate). I too battle with the emotions seeing NEX price actions and expectations, especially in a market where degenerate “Sushi” farming on Uniswap is making 10x in a few days.

The way I think about it is: two years ago when we did the ICO - the price was $1 which represented the value of the team and its vision. I ask myself - do I think over the past 2 years whether the team and product have added more value to that $1 or less? and the answer is easily yes - I believe the team has and that $1 isn’t any less valuable now, and in fact with a functional product ecosystem it’s probably fundamentally worth more.

However, as we know this is not how price works in crypto - as the driving mentality is “how can I buy a coin early, and flip it for 10x on the next loser”. You can see this “hypevesting” in the market prices - and this is 100% driving the big volume in the crypto space.

So the price action as I see it is people deciding “should I farm Sushi, or should I buy/hold NEX?” Answer is farm Sushi - thus NEX price drops temporarily - but though there’s a reflection in price, this does not negatively change the Nash products or their future at all.

Unfortunately in the short term, the regulation aspect of Nash might possibly prevent us from accessing those sick sick degenerate sushi volumes - but I think the principle of regulated access opens the door for that sweet commercial/institutional trust and money in future.

I think Nash could have done better and its easy to say that in retrospect, but the products developed and ideas are close to the mark. I think if they’re fine tuned, and Nash definitely needs to do that, at some point you’ll hit the right market fit and start pumping that digital oil.

My only concern with Nash is managing operational expenditure until Nash breaks even in revenue. If we can hit that milestone - I’m 100% confident Nash will succeed. In the meantime I close the price graph, let people do their work and check back in later :slight_smile:


These are nothing but blips, look at btc and how it has performed over the past 10 years, there have been lulls for years… Be patient

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I am 99.8% in Nash. Every day being in other crypto projects, felt wrong from inside. When I finally allocated all in Nash, I am able to stay focused and be aligned with my values.

Love Nash from every angle that I see. True until proven otherwise :wink:

People tell me that I get emotionally attached to my investment (Nash), but for me it doesn’t make sense otherwise. I have to believe and feel a part of something meaningful.


Whats the other 0.2%?

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Dogecoin :laughing:

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Its a combination of mistakes from 2017, that are not worth much. Utrust, INT, Matrix, BDG :grin:

Not sure if i can agree with the “Everyone is having fund at Mc Dondald’s” story. If you go back in this forum. You will see countless “Volume” related threads, each time i see other excuses to avoid the topic - or bring up some redicoulous story to avoid facing the music. Why dont you start listening to your users?

I don’t think anyone criticizing you from the sidelines. Most people here have allot of skin in the game. Instead of dodging the question, and coming up with “millenial goldrush” explainers. Let’s address the main reasons people don’t come to trade at nash?

  1. No volume
  2. No volume
  3. No volume

How do we fix this? How do other exchanges fix this? Central or De-central?
Some sugguestions:

  1. List exclusive coins (be first) > Similar to coinlist or Hotbit (I know i know, regulations)
  2. Make crazy bounties like
  3. Connect to defi
  4. Next to staking NEX offer rewards for people to keep their coins there.
  5. Be creative, come up with the worlds first something… “lead the way” its not enough to make a super cool looking dex these days.

This is NOT criticism, im expressing what allot of people feel that do not stand on the sidelines - we support you, and we “still” beleve in you. But if you keep dodging and take some good action, there will be fewer of us each passing day.

Hope that helps!


This volume related threads, have been explained before. Let’s not diminish the work that is getting done. Please stay informed. Volume will come sooner or later :handshake:
Do you really think that Nash is not working to address the volume problem? (exactly) Everything Nash does, is getting us closer to success :partying_face:

Yes its been adressed, but have you noticed any change? (Exactly)- Its been nearly two years.
Time is of the essence. Again we need to innovate and lead the way to get this thing of the ground. Do something that hasn’t been done before. Or do the existing thing thing better than the others…

some things are new, some are better…