Are there any plans to help increase awareness of the tokens listed on your exchange?

I own some Moonlight (LX) and am worried that it may only get the low volume ($10 today!) that it does currently on ‘the other’ exchange :wink: .

Will these low volume tokens be left to fight for themselves?, or will you be highlighting them to your users?

I feel like everybody would win if you helped them. Maybe something like a token of the day banner with a short introduction to them, a few links etc would go a long way. It would be sad to see the bottom 2/3 of the tokens listed lingering in obscurity and people overlooking them.

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I wouldn’t say that highlighting them equals hype, i guess other exchanges have so it might give the appearance of it. Also Nash might not want it to look like an endorsement

I agree that ultimately its down to the project itself to prove their worth but Nash benefits from the increased volume too, maybe they can help in some way.


@bilbo The previous user don’t speak on behalf of Nash, we will be having a program to highlight and inform about tokens in the mid term.