Are there any plans to add NEX token to the exchange?

Are you planning to add NEX token to the exchange ?
Will be there an option to buy NEX token with fiat.
Any possible pairs with NEX in the near future ?



How about forging a relationship with coinbase? They may list securities in the future.

The Nash Team has stated in the past that they’re not focused on listing NEX on other exchanges for now while they are focusing on launching and developing the exchange. As well once NEX is listed on Nash for trading, it would likely be best for them to keep NEX trading exclusive to Nash the same way that BNB is exclusive to the Binance platform.


That makes 0 sense, Coinbase is a direct competitor and Coinbase would have nothing to gain from that relationship. Nash is setting themselves up to be great which takes time. They don’t need NEX to be tradeable on their platform for it to derive value and use case (although it is in the plans down the line).

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