Are the SDKs/API's on GitHub still actively maintained?


I am trying to play around with the RUST or Python SDK/APIs on · GitHub
But I ran into several issues. First I opened issues on GitHub and waited for response but nothing happed. So I contacted Nash-Support and they made the devs aware of it.
This first issue got solved now but another one appeared and another person and me are waiting for a response now for 10 days now. I created a support ticket again but want to ask here as well about the process:

  • Are the SDKs actively maintained?
  • What is the correct way to report problems with the SDK?

Creating an issue on GitHub and also create a ticket via support to get attention from the devs seems a bit silly to me.

Thanks for letting me know.


The libraries are maintained and receiving updates.

Regarding your issues note the error is saying the enviroument has Tokio 1.2.0, while the dependencies file Cargo has:

tokio = { version = "0.2", features = ["full"] }

So please try to downgrade the environment to it.


Thanks for taking care of this.
I have to say that I am new to RUST/Python but did some development in the past. But I am not sure what to do now with your information in detail. Some research did not help me out.
Does this mean I have to use an older version of rust? I thought this is the major benefit of dependencies, using certain versions of a module independent of the environment. But maybe I got this wrong.

Sure, this is not a general rust/python forum here but I need some more advice. In the meantime a third person commented the GitHub issue now having the same problem. Seems like that I am in good company with this problem and not only just too dumb :wink: (hopefully)

Hi Fabio,
Still here?
I thought you went to another project? StackOS ?
StackOS looks like a really good project, looking forward to put my Wordpress websites on the blockchain.

If I understood it correctly you are implying I am working on it and outside Nash? That is incorrect.

I am an advisor to it - have been for several years, and to several other projects during that time as well, each advisory doesn’t take more than a few hours each month.


Ah okay, great. Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

The project looks really nice!

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