Are Nash working on fiat on ramp to layer 2?

Just wondering what Nash’s plans are for fiat on ramp to be used so users can buy and have the funds sent straight to layer 2, I think previously I seen some talk about polygon.

Does this fall within Nash’s remit or with those that are integrating the fiat on ramp?

The reason I ask is DeversiFi are working with Ramp in order for funds to be sent straight to layer 2. Note DeversiFi is built on StarkWare.

I don’t know how complex it is, am just highlighting that it seems who ever could built a fiat on ramp that’s compatible with multiple layer 2’s would capture a good portion of the fiat to crypto market.

Nash hinted at this being the plan in the original Polygon announcement tweet:


Would state channels need to be developed for such feature?

AFAIK, developing state channels was one of the main reasons for giving up on the exchange aspect of Nash.

Competition heating up looks like Dharma are doing this.


Kellogg has reached out and is already in contact with these guys :+1: