App Problems

Hey Guys. I hope someone can help. Since today i cant log in on Nash App anymore. Log in on Web Page still works but whenever i try to log in via App it shows “Opps something went wrong, go back or contact support” anybody else has these issues?

Are you running the latest version from the app store? If not, try updating. Then after updating try this:
Profile » Support » Check for Updates. Force close app and restart the app.


Hi. Thanks for the reply. Could solve that Problem but have another one now . I just deleted the app and re- installed it on my phone and it works again now but i now i have to connect my Nash App with Wallet Connect again and it says i must scan a QR Code in the Browser but where can i find that QR Code? I searched the whole Webpage from Nash but couldnt find something…i am too old for that shit :)!

Glad to hear the first problem is solved.

What are you using Wallet Connect within the Nash app to connect to? (Switcheo, Uniswap etc). Typically those sites are where you’ll find the QR code that allows you to connect the Nash wallet to them. Hope that helps.


I updated the app and it works now :grin: