App feedback - North America (Decimals)

In North America we use decimal points [ . ] instead of commas [ , ] in our numbers. Having the commas there looks strange. Can we get decimal points in North America instead of commas for the Nash App?

I thought this was set based on the region it detects, because mine shows it with decimals.

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Okay well I am in Canada, KYC verified and everything and I am seeing commas. Perhaps Canada is set to commas when it should be decimals?

That might be the issue, maybe it’s an error specifically to Canada? I’m in The Bahamas and mine shows decimals appropriately. Hopefully it’s an easy fix and they can get it done soon for you!

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There is now a option to select the number format (it auto detect but you can choose)

Settings > General > Number format


Thanks! With the new update it seems to have picked Canada with the correct format now, but the option to change in case it doesn’t is good.