API timeout with account specific calls

I have been playing around with the python SDK but I have run into an issue. I try to follow the example given in the documentation. public calls like list_market() work fine. Then I log into my account which also seems to work (no exception). But when I try any private calls like get_account_balance(), I get a timeout. Any ideas what could be the issue?

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Currently there are some issues with the exchange (They are working on it). Maybe this is also the cause of the timeouts you get. On the exchange you see the market information, but you cannot get to your balance. Hence, the api call for the markets work, but you get a timeout for the balance call.

Maybe give it another try when everything is up again.


Thanks for the quick reply, I will try again later.
Is there an announcement about this issue anywhere? I cannot find anything.

No, not that I know of. I got an email response from support, but it would indeed be nice if Nash keeps us posted in situations like this. I am a patience guy, but I know there are others who freak out the minute exchange goes down :sweat_smile:

By the way, the exchange worked a minute ago, but the issues are back again. So they are definitely on it.


i did try some of the calls like get_account_balance() and it worked smooth few days back when I tried… I am first time playing with apis on a real account, so taking it slow, but it seems straight forward for an average developer. I would have loved java but python is an easy to earn language , so no issues


It is working now so I guess this topic can be deleted.

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