Aphelion Dex goes bankrupt!

Oh boy…The next exchange going down after Blockport (my favorite) :-/

I assume it is a tough time for Exchanges these days…No volume no Chance! Hopefully Nash can counter this trend.

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Hopefully Nash will be such an amazing product that it gets huge Press from around the world.

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WOW…hopefully he will be made accountable?!

Is there an article/source that goes along with what you’re saying?

You can if you have twitter @aphelion token

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Exit scam?
They talk of “current token value”, which means their token is/was a security, an illegal one. When will SEC and other regulators raid these fraud exchanges?
Why are SEC and others allowing company’s to raise funds in a way that puts naive investors at risk?
Exchange tokens are clearly securities and regulators ought to be enforcing discipline in this space. It looks like the founder of Aphelion will get away with this act.

Okay so my understanding is that SEC doesn’t actively hunt for cases like mentioned above, however everyone can write the SEC and open a case against any illicit company which then could be investigated by them.

Old and scary news: :woozy_face:

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Not sure how this is relevant here, their market share of Nash volume has been almost non-existent for months. Feels like beating a dead horse at this point…

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They also illegally listed NEX, which was a big part of their volume. They also temporarily closed a while back due to fears of SEC crackdowns.