Aphelion dex closing it's doors after 18 months. Token dropped 99%


This is why NEX will succeed. Most of the startups mis manage fundings. Especially crypto companies keeping the funds in crypto to speculate.

Kudos to NEX Team for your professionalism.

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oh thanks @fischdenflo didn’t see your post

Shocking story. Dark side of the industry…

Whats more shocking is the founder tells people in telegram that everything is fine… after selling most of his tokens.

– Ian Brokeboi Holtz.


its very very mean :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Ouch tough break for the aphelion community. Always sucks to see something like this happen to a project.

This also happened to Blockport, actually my favorite Euro/Crypto exchange. They also had an STO to keep going but did not make the minimal investment. They paid everyone back their investments of the STO…really honest team. I assume the didnt survive the bear market and didnt get out soon enough. They are in stealth mode now and keep building until they find some VCs. Really hope they do since it was the easiest way to get into Crypto by far.

Damn… Sad for the community.

Yeah, sad story of Blockport.
The bearmarket is hard sometimes… :wink: