Any update on btc trading pair?

(Cammofunk) #1

Hi there, just wondering if there have been any updates on when a btc trading pair will be available, as this will be primary for volume.

(Cammofunk) #2

anything? I realize this is an immense thing to do, just feel like it’s important to know estimates as an investor.

(Redk) #3

whys this been ignored ???

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(Cypher Investor) #4

My guess is June, however if you’re expecting the team to comment you’ll be disappointed they’ll only notify us when it’s ready so don’t expect a reply from them until it is.

(Cammofunk) #5

How do you know this?

(Cypher Investor) #6

June is just a guess on my part.

(Cammofunk) #7

true, thanks for the info!