Any chance we could lock up and stake for 8+ years?

I’m kidding by the way. I think the 2 year time frame is good. If allowed to stake any longer, people would most likely forget (maybe throw out their computers, housing their private keys) and find other ways to lose crucial login information.

On the topic of time frames, I’ve attached some interesting figures below. It’s hard to predict which companies will become unicorns and patience is also a key factor in realising astronomical multiples…

So my question for the investor community is, how long are you willing to wait?

Keep pushing team @canesin @ethan @fabwa. You have our support.


After 11 years, Tesla is starting to gain traction. Although after 12 years, Iphones are starting to lose their edge (subjective).

10.75 years for Nash to get 1 billion users. I know they’re unrelated but the timeframes are interesting!

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  1. after 2yrs period you can re-stake it again… so theoretically 8+ years
  2. patience definitely needed! years in my opinion… 5+ I guess