Any chance we can get Nash on Stacked's exchange integration for bots?

Any chance the team can get Nash on the stacked marketplace? There are a ton of botting methods on there and our orderbooks support the necessary trade execution times. Every exchange within their list doesn’t support US markets either so that would be a great userbase to capture. Website can be found below. Seems their userbase is pretty descent as well.


@canesin There is also other marketplaces with reasonable customer base like,, and Since nash is the only non-custodian DEX which enables save Bot Trading with BTC and ETH USDC pairs and offers Settlememt Time <= 20ms + dezentralized API Keys, this is a ultimate USP and a great marketing story, which should be advertised heavily. Attracting Bot traders as the ultimate target group solves also the Volume Problem!!! Best greetings!

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