Any chance Nash can quickly list the $BED index token?

Wonder if it’s possible for Nash to quickly add the $BED token by index coop/bankless. There a Uniswap BED/ETH market.

Time is of the essence, we could piggy back off the new release by adding it as a tradable asset in the UI and then tweet about it. This will bring Nash to lots of people’s attention.

Just an idea


I’m afraid speed is not one of Nash’s strengths. Though it would be cool to be able to fast pace some unique DeFi projects.

This is just listing a new Uniswap market though so shouldn’t me too much effort am guessing.

Sure they’ll pick up the pace when the new stuff is complete.

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Sorry I meant you wanted fiat ramps for that project. Yeah, I guess updating the Uniswap markets can be done quickly.

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We are aware of this token and agree it should be listed on our DEX markets.


Sorry for off topic but I suppose that many would be interested to know… What is the reason that your initial release term (first half of July) for Nash Earnings didn’t coincide with reality? Why did you announce this particular term? Even if it’s not official…