Any chance for Ledger Nano X compatibility with the NEX mobile app/extension?


Now that ledger nano x has revealed their bluetooth hardware wallet will there be any chance to make the NEX mobile app or extension compatible for use with Nano X?

I know it has been said that the ledger nano s uses a different key management process than the NEX extension but I figured I would ask since hardware support is really something that is needed in the future.

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This is probably a conversation for DevCon (if in time) but we believe to have a better solution at reach.

A viable soulution for safe self-managed custody ? (Shamir's Secret Sharing ?)
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The Solution That will Consider The Mass adoption: I always think of Africa, when you keep your assets in Nano hardware and then you think about how to Manage the Nano. The procedure for Assets safety should be as easy as possible and as secure as possible.

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But it cannot cost >$50 and be something you keep in your house! I don’t do that and so can’t recommend - but I understand that not everyone can use custody services as those are even more expensive. To reach our vision we need to deliver something better, this is not a option if this is going to be worlds financial system.


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:grin::grin::grin::grin: We are waiting for this better solution, Bad people may visit in your house and command you to deliver the Nano/Laptop with all password or we kill your wife and Children. Event like these are very common in Africa.

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There is a solution for that case on legder, you can hide accounts with a passphrase

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You will show everything When it comes to killing your Family my friend, you will cooperate 100%

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Of course, but with this solution it looks like you showed everything, take a look at the link. (it is the official ledger site)

(Kelvin Fugara) #9

The hidden passphrase is used for two reasons

  1. Protection of your 24 words recovery phrase if your accounts are behind a passphrase then you are protected.

  2. “Plausible deniability” is a security feature that combats the risk of being threatened and/or forced to enter your PIN code. With this option, you can manage two PIN codes, unlocking two separate accounts:

  • Your first PIN code provides access to your main wallet, like a basic account, with low amounts used for daily payments and small transactions.

  • Second PIN code, linked to a specific passphrase you need to set up, opens an hidden account, to save large amounts, which will only be used occasionally. With this option, in case you are forced to recover a wallet from your 24-word backup, only the main wallet will be displayed, and the second account will remain hidden, as long as you don’t reveal the attached passphrase.

(Kelvin Fugara) #10

Bad people who force you to give access to ledger will have that information about Two pass phrase, as long as you have it they will force you to give all of it. in this case it is better to keep your money at the bank with daily limit of withdrawal rather than yourself.

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It’s perhaps safer to just put the ledger, or your private key written on good quality paper in a safe deposit box at a bank. This adds a whole new barrier before someone can access your funds

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A better solution in Africa and the world as a whole is that dont speak your things to others expecially your crypto Holding except your close ones you actually trust.