Another idea: Open the platform for more communities!

(Blondie) #1

Hi everybody,

I have another idea: What if NEX would open the platform up for all community’s? (like used to be the place)

It could be so the project self should deposit 100 NEX for all the services and their members should also stake 1 NEX.

That way this could be the 1 (moderated) place here everybody could get true info about any project and a LOT of NEX would eventually be staked what also decreases the amount staked for dividents!

I don’t know if it could be possible, but it might also attract people to use the exchange if it is the all-in-one portal to go to.

Again…likes for trying to are always welcome!

Just shooting out ideas. It is how great things get started #thinktank #allcommuniysarewelcome #everybodyiswelcome #decreasecirculatingsupply #decreasestakingsupply #trueinfo #moderatedinfo #antiscammers