Another copycat, Coibase to introduce staking

(Olu ) #1

The less the Nash team says until implementation, the better. Big crypto companies (Coinbase, Binance etc) are just waiting to copy ideas from Nash.

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(Mao Mao) #2

Seems like nash is being watched at closely by big firms which is good in a way, i would say.

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(Olu ) #3

Well, they have plenty of money and a solid user base already.
While Nash aims for perfection, they just go ahead with quick fixes and aggressive copying.

(Mao Mao) #4

We cant stop people from copying ideas.

Idea copying is simple, what is important is the execution and success from using that idea.

Furthermore, CB is leveraging on other security tokens to attract investors to stake. Will NEX be next on CB? haha i hope…

The main rise of price in NEX token is with the success of nash exchange. With the ability to trade security tokens, index funds, and payments, nash has more to offer. Doesnt really matter what other firms tries to copy nash. Copying may also help new investors understand nash even more which is good. nash will succeed in its own way :grinning:

(Alex) #5

Not sure what the copycat is exactly ? Are you aiming at the Coinbase custodial ‘offline’ staking soloution for institutional investors ?

NEX would be an interesting asset to be on there imao…
Another reason for staking NEX could be to receive tokens in relation to its popularity over time. (High volume traded assets will take up bigger portion in staking dividents than low volume assets) Acting like an digital assets index weighted by present popularity. (for assets on Nash exchange, which were additionally screened by Nash listing requirements. another ++)

Speaking of copycat: An alleged competitor (named here too ofter) introduced yesterday a code competition for developing SDK (software development kits) for Switft, C#, and python. But nothing to fear because those coders will more likely code something for the pricemoney and won’t necessary think about usability and developer experience for real world cases. On top, all participants have to open source, so we would learn from them aswel. (if we were desperate already)

(Olu ) #6

@MaoMao good points

@Alex, I’m still wondering if you’re a bot :upside_down_face:

(Alex) #7

I’m definitely a human soul behind the keyboard. Although, I suspect there is a bot injecting spelling and grammar errors into my writings to discredit my infinite wisdom. Maybe it is Cicada 3301 reincarnating from holiday.

What do you think about my previous comments ?

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(Olu ) #8

Hahaha. Don’t mind me, great comments :+1:

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