An idea similar to the referral program giveaway

Hey, I have an idea how to combine the staking and another referral program. For example, there are again 100k btc and nex in the pot. The people who can get their tokens staked The sooner and the more tokens you staked, the higher the likelihood that you can win.

For example, I’m the first who stake 1000 nex for 2 years and since I’m the first I get
1000 * 1 * 24 = 24000 tickets.

Now another person staked after me 1000 nex but for 1 year and now he/she
1000 * 1 * 12 = 12000 tickets
AND my tickets change to (since I staked before him)
1000 * 2 * 24= 48000 tickets.

The more tickets you have the higher the chance you win.

First-to-stake doesn’t really make sense as a referral program. It’s not in Nash’s best interest to create a campaign that just involves tons of people rushing to do one thing really really fast. That being said, I agree that a staking campaign on launch is a good idea. I think it’d be better to make a campaign that draws people in over a period of time, with no penalty to those who join a day/week/month after someone else.

Maybe an additional 5% in return (on top of the 25%-75%) if a user stakes within the promotional period or something.

All this being said, when it comes to Nash, I am absolutely confident in the direction they’re taking this project. Regardless of the promotions they decide to green light, I know there was a lot of research, data, and planning behind it. We’re in good hands, folks. Best we can do is wait and participate when Nash launches.


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I also don’t think first to stake is a good idea, feels unbalanced. I like the idea of getting tickets if you stake for 2 years though for a draw. Maybe if you stake for 2 years before Jan 1st 2020 there will be a new years draw. [1 Ticket per 50 nex staked for 2 years or something], the prize pool doesn’t have to be crazy but it would be cool to have something for early believers.