Amsterdam Event: Start Time & Streaming Link?

(Guardian Circle) #1

Maybe I’m blind, but looking for the start time of the event and a livestream link (or where I should expect to see one once it gets started). Can’t find this info … Anyone know?

Looking forward to watching the event!!!

(Ree L Spirit) #2

I’d also like a stream link too

(Nex Chapter) #3

Also looking! I am very keen to watch a live stream :slight_smile:

(clare s) #4

@GuardianCircle @ReeLSpirit @NexChapter the start time is 6:15 and we will pin the link to the Community home page in plenty of time before the event begins.

(Kelvin Fugara) #5

Ok Great, but who is your target audience, because if you pin the link to this community Only members can see it and perhaps not all of them.In my opinion the streaming methods and links should be shared a day or two before the event.

(Nex Chapter) #6

Thanks for the swift response Clare :slight_smile:

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(Guardian Circle) #7

Wow – super appreciate the fast response. Impressive :slight_smile:

(CryptoUK1) #8

Will be on Youtube again I would imagine and don’t think you can share the link til the stream begins. Expect them to post it on Twitter and maybe we can share it elsewhere

(Kelvin Fugara) #9

Ok Great!

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(Nick) #10

Am I the only one getting nervous for the event? :sweat_smile:

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(Trust Yourselves ) #11

I’m just hoping they don’t show too much.
People that want the best for the project will understand.
Selfish people will want to see the whole lot and want it released straight away.

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(Seidler) #12


The stream is set to start for 19th of January… :slight_smile:

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(Cheesedonkey) #13

Isn’t it supposed to be in 7 hours rather than 30? :open_mouth:

(Nex Hodl) #14

There is a mistake on youtube, the stream is set for tomorrow :slight_smile:

(clare s) #15


@cheesedonkey @NEX_HODL @seidler I appreciate your excitement. No need to panic, still the same day and time we were just adjusting a few settings for the stream.


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(Nex Hodl) #16

You could adjust your settings by using a valid date :open_mouth:

(clare s) #17

@NEX_HODL I appreciate your advise and concern however the date and time remain the same. Do you have additional questions?


(Seidler) #18

I dont think anyone was panicking, as in my post I said the time is set for 19th.
I pointed out a mistake in the hopes of getting it fixed, not create “panic”


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(Nex Hodl) #19

No i don’t! btw you could just admit that you did a mistake, we all do mistakes in life :slight_smile:

(Nex Chapter) #20

@seidler @NEX_HODL
You both are incorrect and don’t understand time zones. A simple google would have helped you understand the time zone differences to where ever you live in the world. Here Ill help :slight_smile:
Roughly 5 hours to kick off!

Also @NEX_HODL I am not sure why I get the impression that you come off rude but this is the second time I have read one of your posts and thought so… Maybe I am misinterpreting your tone… apologies if I am :slight_smile:

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