AMA with the top leadership team

I’d very much like the chance to listen in on in a live AMA with Kellogg, Fabian, Ethan or others from the leadership team. It would be especially nice if you hosted it on Clubhouse or similar platform that allows audio Q&A. Will there be an such an opportunity for community members before year end?


Good idea and it is just in time for the Q3 report if those are still a thing.


Just expressing my interest in this also. It has been a while since we’ve been able to connect with the top leadership, this would be awesome!


Great thanks!

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Great idea! I’ve got a few questions lined up that I’ve reserved for the next AMA

Hosting a live audio version could be fun! If there is enough interest!
I’d recommend we use Twitter space’s though, that way, everyone can join in, including people who are not yet Nashers!
Clubhouse is a bit restrictive.

I was in a AMA today on Twitter Space’s with the CEO of another platform I use, they hold one weekly, it’s refreshing to be able to ask random questions directly and engage in real time with the team!


I preferred the format of the previous ama, text based on this forum.

Its quicker to assimilate information by reading text posts from the team, and when people have questions at later dates which were covered by the ama, its easier to refer people to that information with direct links to posts rather than telling them to watch this video at this particular timestamp.

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If there is enough interest, no reason we can’t do both.

I agree with your points and definitely think we need a text version in some format regardless, even if it’s just a transcript, for exactly the reasons you stated!
Text is easier to digest and refer to at a later date and usually provides a clearer answer.

The live audio AMA idea though provides a different type of connection with the team more ‘intimate’ in a way and allows for a wider range of sporadic questions to arise as listeners and speakers bounce ideas, questions and answers off each other.

I’m happy with any format at the end of the day! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just expressing my interest in this also.


Excellent idea. I too would love to hear from them. :+1:


Any thoughts or comments on this from a Nash official? We know you are super busy – when’s the next Bi-Yearly Report planned for? (Is that on your radar?) And are you open to the live AMA suggested here?