AMA after NEO DevCon


Would you consider doing an AMA after the NEO DevCon? As Fabio only has 15 minutes and we’ll likely hear some more about listing procedure, exchange registration and launch campaign I bet many of us would be eager to ask questions. Unfortunately the Q&A last friday was somewhat short so i’m pretty sure we’ll have plenty of questions for you guys, though we could easily post them here, I think it’d be cool to do a live AMA right after the presentation so that the bigger NEO community can ask questions as well. You might even have the AMA link on the last slide of the presentation…

Anyways, just a suggestion! :slight_smile:

@canesin @clare

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Thank you for offering that suggestion! In this sector AMAs never feel long enough! Both of your ideas are definitely worth exploring and we will take them into consideration. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with more suggestions.