Alt Season is about to commence Nash listings?

Hi Team,

Alt season will be kicking off before end of Feb, I am wondering what is being done to have compliant alt coins listed on the exchange?
@canesin you mentioned how you wanted to list these tokens at a growing pace month on month. This leads me to believe projects are not applying to be listed on Nash. Why is this?

NOIA was a great succcess and I have no doubt it attracted new users to Nash.

You will miss the opportunity of this bullrun if you do not put more emphasis on listing new projects.

I understand the majority of Nash Staff are devs, but this is the time for growth and you’re not going to get growth by having the current Nash community pumping their own money in and out for the sake of ticking the volume box. Nash Leauge winners were ultimately decided within the first week of the competition.

New Projects = further reach = growth
Pumping exchange volume with current users (for the sake of volume) = static

This really is the time that we’ve waited for the past three+ years (Neon Exchange Idea was born). We need to move with the market.