Almost 1 year live!

Guys, its almost 1 year ago Nash went live. isnt this an event that worth making noise about? is this silence normal?!


Agreed! :slight_smile:
It’s been an interesting year!

I am actually looking forward to hearing Nash talk about the outcome of the below post :slight_smile:

I often check Ethan and Fabio’s twitter profile direct and am always greeted with Ethans pinned tweet from September 9th 2019!

@ethan Would be good to see you pop your head into the forums a little more often even if just to share your thoughts or answer a quick one-off community question etc.!
I know you’re a busy man, however, would be good to see you joining in more like @canesin does!

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No fanfair, they know what they have to do, love the project!

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