Allignment use of Twitter / Insta etc by Team

Hi all, this week i was kinda surprised by a twitter response (by 1 of the team members) on the “Forbes, Unhackable exchange” article.
I believe silence would have been golden in this case instead of explaining that the exchange in fact is not really unhackable.
In this phase we can use any type of (free) publicity!

My advice would be to align all type of social media usage by the team, as well as private use by the individual team members, with the marketing / branding department.

I’d have to disagree. They’re maintaining the truth about Nash, and dispelling any false information. Seems completely within the realm of the co-founder’s jobs.

The alternative – turning a blind eye when misinformation is spread because it might get a few more ‘clicks’ – is dishonest and won’t end well. All it would take is for a user to be hacked, and then point to this article. Ethan can now show proof that he made a statement with corrections to the article.