Airdrop Scam (Nash_Hodler) Do not download Ext

There is a know scammer identified on twitter known as Nash_Hodler and he is aggressively scamming people by creating a fake extension and promising unsuspected traders and investors that they’ll receive free NEX tokens if they download the ext.

Most of us know that there is only one official ext out there but as new investors and traders come in, how do we help them against this Nash_Hodler guy. This is not fair and something needs to be done asap before he causes maximum damage.

I think we the community members should start by posting this post on SM platforms like and Reddit to start with

#Aidrop #Scam #NashHodler #Extension

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Thanks for reminding, i have created similar thread few days back.
I think nash team should take this seriously because the scammer’s ext can collect user data including “reading and changing” user’s data. Sites that the owner can change the user data include MyEtherWallet, Switcheo, github, etc.

This can potentially lead to users who are unaware have their money hacked/stolen from scammers.

Nash team should post a warning in their social media to educate followers on it.

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this guy is a scammer too:

blocked and reported him, im surprised how slow twitter can be at it…

@MaoMao we take it very seriously and have already reported. What else can we do ?
There are dozens of scammers everyday, if we post each on our social networks that will be all we do every 5 minutes. Unfortunately we need people to consistently report also, the team reporting does not trigger any immediate action from Chrome store or Twitter.


I Understand nash shouldn’t be wasting time on these scammers…it’s just the scammers that are really creative that frustrates me. :pensive:

Just an update, some scammer twitter accounts have their profile’s nuked.

Here’s one i found that deleted his suspicious chrome ext tweet.

Edit: (same scammer)

everyone should help by reporting the account again whenever they tries something funny :grinning: