Affiliate code not working with api

I have running a trading bot with my affiliate code. it placed multiple taker orders. but in my affiliate page showing nothing.

Probably is that it does not count anything traded on the account who created the affiliate count: the goal of the affiliate program - for a developer - is to have others use your products.

yeah. i tried from different account also. but nothing worked.

Hmm, I have to say it’s unfortunate that this can’t be tested in sandbox. Or maybe it can? cc @canesin

so is it working for you?
is that developer level has any limitation like more than $10000 total trading volume?

No, but I haven’t tried it thoroughly. My quick first try wasn’t successful and I haven’t tried since by lack of time.

Maybe @fabibi has?

Yes, this is explained in the FAQ:

Is there a minimum volume threshold for developers to receive 10% rewards?

Yes. You must meet the $10,000 total volume criterion to receive any rewards. However, because volume from your app and new user referrals is counted together, this means you will be able to qualify for rewards sooner!

A user can generate commission from both developer and referral volume. As soon as you hit a combined 10k you start getting paid out, at 20% for referral volume, 10% for developer.

But either way you need to hit the combined threshold of $10,000 30-days volume to be promoted to affiliate, after which the status will be kept for 90 days regardless (renewed every time you cross the threshold).


So, won’t affiliate page display any data until my both developer and referral volume hit $10,000 ?
how can i check whether everything going well and my developer volume counting?

You’re saying that Qualifying volume sits at 0 until you have generated over $10,000 in volume?

If so, I have to say it’s misleading. It would be a better (and more motivating) experience if you could see how much you’re missing before you start getting commission. Also as the above comments suggest, it would serve as a check that you have properly set up your affiliate code.


It is an optimization, It only shows after you qualify because that is the filtering function. We will revisit in the future if we can show if it is > 0 regardless if the user has qualified.

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I hear you and fully understand this way of iterating. However, I see 2 small increments that could greatly improve experience:

  • Improve the wording to make it clearer. Either a tooltip to explain it better, or perhaps displaying “Under minimum requirement” instead of “$0.00” until it’s higher than $10k.
  • Display an indication that this affiliate code has been used. Much like how it’s done for API keys:


I wish it will implement in near feature. as you already counting referral volume showing it is just a few lines of code i think. otherwise it was very bad user experience. what if something going wrong and my referral volume not counting… I am waiting for nothing.

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for normal referrals we can see them on referrals page on exchange. but for developers no way to check their stat until it hit $10,000.