Advertising/Winning New Users - Feeless Free Month of trading

(Mhan) #1

I just make it short:
Would suggest, though I don’t know about the monetization plans or financial situation of the dev-team, to do a feeless trading period for new users once the exchange launches. That would most probably win many customers to come and try the exchange, do some trades and even do their first ever buys of crypto. Getting to know about wallets (creation and handling) on the website and learn about the exchange interface, everything can be done at that timeperiod.
Saw that kind of advertising for another launching exchange, and because I don’t think thats a stupid move, I wanted to mention that Idea here aswell.

Best regards to the community

(Shenghuachen) #2

A trading volume contest might be good too, bringing incentives and volume.

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(Alex) #3

Good idea :slight_smile: Also the fee structure is already incentivizing high volumes by design.