Advantages of nOS/NEX partnership for NEX holders

(The crypto warrior from the east .) #1

I understand nOS has recently partnered with NEX is there any specific advantage of owning nOS tokens for NEX holders? or is nOS technology going to be used on the back end only?

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(The crypto warrior from the east .) #2

Just to clarify the above , will there be any advantage of owning nOs tokens once the NEX exchange goes live?

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(Dilligaf) #3

Since nOS will use the NEX exchange for conversion of the tokens i do not see the need of holding nOS when you have a large amount of NEX other than for speculative reasons.

(Rory) #4

Precisely my feeling…I absolutely love nOS, think the project is great, but with built-in NEX native support I don’t feel the need to invest in it directly.

(Njb) #5

You can stake nOS and become a decentralised authority on nOS, thus earning more nOS tokens.


There’s really no benefit of NEX holders to own the nOS token unless you plan on using the nOS platform. It actually makes more sense for you to own more NEX and stake since nOS will be traded on NEX thus giving you a share of the dividends (i.e. a share of the nOS tokens traded/swapped on NEX) this way you can own more NEX tokens and still get passive income in nOS (eventually when dividend payout preferences come you can most likely choose to claim your dividends in all nOS tokens if you really want to own some). Just my thoughts on it…

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