Adding Contacts

Well done Nash team on the contacts page!

It looks great and adding contacts feels like a very smooth experience. I love the ability to add multiple wallets of the same or different chains and the ability to add a wallet name to each wallet. I will definitely use this functionality.

Few opportunities for improvement:

  1. If a long name is used it writes over all other contact information in the summary screen and looks ugly. Suggest that the end of long names simply get cut short to prevent this clash. Maybe long names could be visible if pointer hovers over it.

  1. I found entering the phone number area code a slight pain point. I found myself wanting to type either letters or numbers in the box to search for my country. Also, having the most used country code as the first option would be nice.

  1. When adding contacts the browser tries to use auto fill in all the text boxes. This might be handy for the one time I add my own contact details but it’s frustratingly annoying for every other contact I need to add.

Is it possible to disable auto fill? Or is that outside Nash’s ability given it’s coming from the user’s browser.


Thanks for the feedback, forwarded to the team.

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I had the same reaction, clicked the drop-down and typed “AU” before scrolling down manually.