Add more ERC20 assets on Fundsmanager

Hello dear Nash team, first of all thank you for the good work you are doing here in the community and for the product Nash.
My question: Is it possible to add more ERC20 assets to the Funds Manager? For example, I have the CHSB token in my portfolio and can not see this token because it is not displayed on the Assets list on Nash. Thank you in advance. Marco

@MarcoSp could you please point me to the smart contract on etherscan ?

Hi, canesin. Would be also good if NASH could add TRAC to the Fundmanager. Thanks =)

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Hey, I’ve also have a couple of requests:

Shouldn’t i be easier if users can manually add the token contract address, symbol and decimals like in metamask?


Can you please add TFD ?

please add
and makerdao two great defi projects with active community


Synthetix (SNX)

Also add Power Ledger, They are really big at the moment and they are rolling out an area in Perth for -> Energy, reimagined ‘Building the operating system for the new energy marketplace’

I have worked on adding 1400 more ERC20 tokens this week and should include all the mentions here so far, it is now in review as we need to be careful.


How do @canesin mean that “we have to be careful”? Can you explain that, please. Thank you Fabio

I’m assuming he means they’re being careful not to add BitConnect 2.0…but it could also be a tech issue as well. Don’t want to add tokens with issues like MoonLight without testing first.

is 1400 a typo? that is quite a lot…!

If you think about the platform right now, yes a lot.

But in total there are more than 200.000 tokens on the erc20 blockchain.
1400, is not a lot than…

Right ! This will be in line with being the largest fund manager. we have to add them to get those ERC20 holders to use nash

Tech issues, like running automated tests for re-entrance vulnerabilities and etc, we are not doing judgement of value in the funds manager since we are non-custodial. Only on trading we need to care on other issues besides tech.


So we can already safe all our token in our Nash wallet but only a few we can actually use for trading/paying in the future…am I understanding this correct?

When I understand the ethereum blockchain right, you can send all kind of tokens created on ethereum to your public key from ethereum. Not all tokens will be shown in the funds manager, because the hash of the token need to be implemented in the funds manager. Even though the manager doesn’t show the token you can access it with your private key and a funds manager who recognize the token hash.

Only listed tokens with pairs on the exchange can be traded on nash. To trade the other tokens you need to connect to another exchange which offers the option to trade your desired token. About the payment process I have no clue, but probably it will also only available to listed tokens on the exchange.

Please correct me, if I’m wrong.


Hope we did overcome the tech issue on this :slight_smile:

Hey Fabio,

Do you have any update on the funds manager side? Do we get more ERC20 enabled?