Access to earlier ICO page


is it somehow possible to access the page from the past were the ICO happend?
I missed to do some screenshots and I need some documentation for tax purposes.
There is a new law saying that we need to be able to prove how we bought crypto assets.

I can only view the transactions on the blockchain or extension but it would be very helpful to get something more “official”.


Google will help, search “neon exchange ico” and you can find photos and screen shots of the old pages.

See my location below. The file you want is " TGE_T&C.pdf" (which is the token generation event terms and conditions from the official sale that was displayed after purchasing tokens. It is about the only official thing we got. Hope it helps.

Maybe I was not precise enough.
I am not talking about the public part. I am talking about the page that has shown that I won the draw and that I was eligible to buy. Also we were able to see that we bought.

This is probably something you’ll need to contact the team for but tbh the information you’re looking for probably wont suffice for documentation purposes as nothing was legally binding until you filled out the T&C acknowledgement. I don’t think anyone from the community can provide that info.

That application is not available anymore since early 2019. The explorer transaction of the smart contract to your TGE wallet should be sufficient.