Access to community via iOS?

Hi, is there any possible way how to use on iPhone? Chrome on iPhone doesn’t allow extensions… so it seems like there is no way :frowning:

The forum will be integrated into the mobile apps when released. For now, change your e-mail address on here and you will receive an email with a confirmation link. Open it in your mobile browser and you should get logged in


That’s a nice one.
To add: If you want to keep the same email address, just put a ‘+1’ before the @ in your email. It will redirect to the same email address while discourse thinks it’s a different address.


@vt0 this tip should be posted by nash team so people can continue using nash forum with their phone for the time being.

I will post some keywords here to enhance the search results for new users:

Community, mobile, access, app, web, email, phone, tablet, chrome

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