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Nash offers a marketplace for third-party currency providers, as well as our own fiat ramp.

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Can anybody give us some feedback after using cryptocoin.pro?
Is it easy to place an order to buy BTC from EUR?
What about the spread between buy and sell?
Is the live BTC price accurate?
Thanks for your feedback

Hello, the Wyre fiat ramp is still available to me, however when I try to buy BTC or ETH, nothing happens when I click ‘Review my quote’.

Can you tell me if this fiat ramp is still active? If so, you may have a bug, and if not, maybe I/others should not be able to select it. Thanks

Congratulations to the Nash team for the BTC pair milestone accomplished.
But what should be next?
In order to be more attractive for users to use Nash instead of Binance or Kraken , there is something I am suggesting the Nash team to work on it .FIAT RAMPS in a way Nash become competitive for users to be the chosen one.
For instance , yesterday I was looking to buy a Bitcoin using Nash-criptocoin.pro rate exchange and It appears I needed 7114€ in order to buy 1 BTC. I did the same exercise at the same time ant the result was at Binance 7020€/BTC and Kraken 6980€/BTC.
Is this something that the Nash team is looking at?

will fiat ramps have similar limits to Coinbase in the USA? This is the limit I have with coinbase with out any income proof (may be like similar to nash tier 1 account). I understand we probably will be dealing with only USDC