About Nash

The only crypto company that invested their money to start the company, and one year after Nash raised capital from Investment Funds and Public. Nash founders are not taking salaries, so they can pay their employees and services.
Did I get it right? :thinking:

Not sure what you mean with the first sentence but afaik founders also receive a salary. Why should they not? Why do you assume that they could not pay for services and team if they earn something by themselves? Maybe I get you wrong.

With the first sentence I mean that Nash founders started to work on the project by using their own money first and after one year they conducted an ICO.
And If I understood right from Fabio in the interview with Brad, that the Founders are not taking a salary, only because the money raised from investors to be used as efficient as possible.
This info from this video:

My huge respect for the team :handshake:
First for starting the company and seeing that there is a chance for success and then seeking investment from community :loud_sound:
And for the efficiency of funds management🤝
Amazing new standards for everyone :handshake:

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this how all legit start ups works. are you finishing college? I haven’t seen you until recently, but i am seeing you a lot here and glad to see you are excited about nash.


:grin: feels like I am just out of college, fresh and enthusiastic :partying_face:
I have always supported the project. Just recently joined the community :handshake::grinning:

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