AAVE integration

Nash fiat on/off ramp is formally integrated into AAVE UI, sincere congrats to the team on this major milestone!

From my perspective this is the most important thing for Nash ever since the development of bitcoin L2 trading.

I also look forward to the next steps of this partnership which include IBAN accounts and a greater vision of Decentralized Banking of which Nash will be on the forefront!


yeah that is pretty huge


This is huge! When is this al integrated to AAVE?

The official integration was 2 days ago and it is live since then. There are a couple of fiat on/off options already available on AAVE but Nash is objectively the best since it has instant delivery and lowest fees. It is like you are buying the same item in 3 stores, you would obviously choose the one with quickest delivery and lowest price and this is what Nash offers in this case. Currently limited to EU/UK users but still, this should be an obvious choice for any such user. We just need to make them aware of this since most of the current users default to what they have been using so far.