A tip for everyone

(Trust Yourselves ) #1

Just a quick tip for everyone wanting to use this community platform on a mobile browser.
When signing up, I clicked the activation link in my emails via my mobile phone. This allowed me to use this platform on mobile, without having the extension installed.

Maybe everyone is already aware of this. Just thought I’d let you know :slight_smile:

Anyway to login from my phone?
(Kajetan) #2

You can also comment, not just read?

(Patos29) #3

Actually didn’t know that. Thanks will try in a bit. :+1:

(Frank) #4

I’m using the community now without the extension being installed on this computer. Seems to work fine, don’t know for how long though.

(Trust Yourselves ) #5

Yep. I’m currently on my mobile posting this

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(Trust Yourselves ) #6

No problem. Glad to help :slight_smile:

(Trust Yourselves ) #7

It should work with no issues. :hammer:

(Ashrith) #8

i mistakenly logged out , so is there any way to again login back in mobile :frowning:

(Trust Yourselves ) #9

Did you try re-clicking the link?

(Ashrith) #10

it says link is no longer valid , changed the mail it worked :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Anyway to login from my phone?
(Rory) #11

So what did you do exactly? Because I tried this and got the “link no longer valid” as well.

(Trust Yourselves ) #12

I clicked the link when signing up at first

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(Rory) #13

Ah ok, well seems I may have missed my window.

(Bunder) #14

Great job @Trust_Yourselves :muscle: